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National Debt: How did we get here?

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A nice, simple chart from NYTimes supporting this article.  Why do I like it?  It’s simple and it tells a story that supports the article.  It also cuts through the posturing to put the ownership for our debt on BOTH parties.  In short, it’s clear, and it’s honest (assuming the data source is represented accurately): […]

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Nielsen Shows Interesting Smartphone Data…and then Less Interesting Data

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Back in January, Nielsen shared the following chart with the public regarding trends in the smartphone market: While not a perfect chart (the legend is unnecessary, each line could be labeled in close proximity, and labeling every data point is overkill), it at least serves the purpose of showing the market trend over time and […]

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I like you Zing – more charts are generally better.  But what good is this…thing? How many circumstances exist in which this chart provides interesting, compelling, and thought-provoking visual evidence?  Via  

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Visualizing a Learning Environment

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Maybe a little more art than information, but that’s the point here.  This is a nice breakdown of how to turn information into something meaningful and powerful.

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comScore iOS vs. Android Chart Redesign

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Been a while, eh?  Saw a snippet today from comScore about the relative size of the iOS vs. Android platform.  From what I gather, iOS is bigger, and there was something in there about fanboys not being the only people who buy Apple products.  Pretty fantastic insight about a company that just sold $25 billion […]

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