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From the NY Times: Comparing the Deficit Reduction Plans

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Just a very quick post about a nice interactive graphic in at (who happens to be, in my opinion, the leader in informative, clear, and *usually* unbiased representations of quantitative data).  It shows how the deficit reduction plans have changed over the past week and how the plans of various parties differ. The point […]

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Using Mechanical Turk to Generate Random Numbers: Episode 1 – The Jerks

By in Experiments in Info Design

Wait, what?  Who would use Amazon’s crowd-sourcing marketplace to generate random numbers?  A fine question!  Two types of people – those with a rock-solid faith in the abilities of mankind, and those that get into discussions in a Google cafe about the likelihood of certain numbers (like primes or perfect squares) being over or under-represented […]

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Limit Redundant Information in Tables

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There are two basic ways to present quantitative information – in a chart or in a table.  We often focus on the proper design of charts, probably because they are the more engaging of the two presentation formats.  However, table design is a fascinating subject that deals with how we can quickly perceive structure and […]