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From the NY Times: Comparing the Deficit Reduction Plans

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Just a very quick post about a nice interactive graphic in at nytimes.com (who happens to be, in my opinion, the leader in informative, clear, and *usually* unbiased representations of quantitative data).  It shows how the deficit reduction plans have changed over the past week and how the plans of various parties differ.

The point I want to make about this particular graphic is that no graphs were used, and I consider that a good thing.  Many publications would be tempted to add some silly pie chart showing only two numbers, or a wasteful cutesy pictograph with green dollar bills.  In this case, none of these were necessary and if present would have distracted from the simplicity and clarity of the figures.  I also appreciate how explanations are muted but in close proximity to the data they are describing.  A clean, balanced look at the chaos that is currently ensuing in Washington.

Don’t be afraid to use numbers to describe data – they can be quite effective, when there aren’t many of them.

Comparing the Deficit Reduction Plans - Interactive Graphic from NYTimes



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