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Propagating Garbage

in Not So Great Information Design

As if there weren’t enough terrible infographics in the world, visual.ly has introduced an automatic infographic creator.  The only good thing about this Incredibly Terrible Thing is that it validates my assertion that it takes zero talent to create an infographic these days and that anyone who spends their time creating yet another 600 pixel x 2,300,000,000 pixel graphic with 3 numbers and a line chart has completely wasted their time.  As my most recent post shows, it takes a lot of talent, thought, and effort to create a good infographic, but zero to create a bad one.  Visual.ly, who is supposed to celebrate good, informative information design has solidified my assertion by simplifying the process to the same degree of difficulty as filling in a PowerPoint template.  World, prepare yourself for a slightly uglier internet.

Oh, and if this isn’t bad enough, visual.ly made the awesome choice of putting the tool behind a mandatory sign-up interstitial, meaning I had to create a JohnDoe account just to use it.  Then, once you create a graphic, they ask you if you’d like to pay money to brand it.  Can I pay money to stop other people from branding their auto-generated infographics?

And because I suffer, you suffer with me.  Enjoy my custom-made, time-consuming, brilliant infographic about the hashtag #infographic’s frequency on Twitter. Illustrator, I no longer need you.


Ugly infographic on the hashtag #infographic




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