I studied Economics at Lawrence University and Systems Science at Washington University in St. Louis.  I earned a Masters in Product Design and Development from Northwestern University, where I discovered that the right half of my brain exists.  I’ve been involved in numerous data-intensive projects at work (operations, finance, inventory management, business analysis at Google) and have always been fascinated with the challenge of communicating that data effectively.  Recently, that fascination has led me to pop open Excel at home in my free time and try to answer some questions that aren’t posed by my boss.

I created this site to document my work and thoughts on information design that align with my belief that the best design is the one that minimizes impediments to a successful outcome.  In information design, impediments include confusion and misinterpretation, and a successful outcome can be measured by clarity, insight, and action.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or thoughts.

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