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April 19, 2012 Off

Propagating Garbage

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As if there weren’t enough terrible infographics in the world, has introduced an automatic infographic creator.  The only good thing about this Incredibly Terrible Thing is that it validates my assertion that it takes zero talent to create an infographic these days and that anyone who spends their time creating yet another 600 pixel […]

December 14, 2011 Off

Using indexing to avoid the lie factor – Fox News Chart redesign

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Ran across an interesting article on a graphic shown on Fox News regarding unemployment under President Obama.  Here’s the original chart: Now, it’s probably just a data input mistake, but notice how the 8.6% on the far right isn’t exactly where it should be.  Here’s a couple horizontal lines to help you out: It’s not […]

May 19, 2011 Off

Dishonesty from the Wall Street Journal

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The New Republic highlights the dangers of dishonest data.  Apparently the chart  on the left below, originally accompanying this article in the Wall Street Journal (the same publication that produced this book??), has been making the rounds of conservative blogs as support for arguments against increasing taxes on the wealthy – because, clearly, all the […]

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Use Tree Plots Sparingly

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Big things stand out.  So, when Asymco decided to report on the relative market and profit share in the smartphone industry, they got big.  Really big: The dark orange represents Apple, and the remainder of color-coding is meant to represent profitability – pink and orange are profitable, white is (assumedly) break-even, and blue is a […]

May 10, 2011 Off

Worst. Infographic. Ever.

By in Not So Great Information Design Where to start?  Implied correlation?  Terrible pie charts?  Bad graphic design?  Misleading data?  Boring subject? I….egh.

May 7, 2011 Off

Use color with intent; Eliminate moiré vibration

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Just about a week ago, Apple released new iMacs with shinier, faster processors.  How much faster?  Primate Labs ran some benchmarks and put together the chart below to help us understand what we would get for our money.  Unfortunately they made a few mistakes in presenting that information too us.  Though pretty, their use of […]

April 26, 2011 Off

Nielsen Shows Interesting Smartphone Data…and then Less Interesting Data

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Back in January, Nielsen shared the following chart with the public regarding trends in the smartphone market: While not a perfect chart (the legend is unnecessary, each line could be labeled in close proximity, and labeling every data point is overkill), it at least serves the purpose of showing the market trend over time and […]